Class Tips



  • There are 3 ways to book a class:

  1. MindBody app on your smartphone: Download the app in the iTunes or Android store. Search for “Rhythm Ride” and add it to your Favourites list.

  2. website: If you’re reading this, you’re on the website now! Click on the “Schedule” button at the top right corner of this page.

  3. Call in or drop in to the studio. One of our staff members will gladly book a class for you in our system.

  • Classes are open for booking in the system 1 week in advance of the class start time. For busier times and classes, it is advisable to book as earlier as possible to reserve a spot in class and avoid being on the waitlist. (NOTE: You have 8 hours to cancel your booking without penalty.)

  • If you are on the waitlist, once a spot opens up, you will be automatically booked into the class.

  • If you are still on the waitlist close to the class start time, you can take your chances and wait in-person at the studio on the standby list in case of any last minute cancellations or no-shows. Priority order is given to those already on the waitlist. We will do our best to fit you into the class, but there are no guarantees.




  • Hydrate - Drink lots of water leading up to the class, it’s going to be a hot one in there. Bring a water bottle to fill up at our filtered water station. Don’t worry, if you forget to bring yours, we have bottled water at the studio for sale (ask a Staff member).

  • Have a snack - Don’t ride on an empty stomach, have a small snack an hour before class. On the flip side, don’t ride on a full stomach… that’s not a fun feeling either.

  • Shoes - In order to use our bikes you will need spin shoes (aka road cycling shoes) so you can clip in and get the most out of your pedal stroke. If you have your own spin shoes, bring ‘em along… you are welcome to use them in our studio. Note: The pedals and clips that we use are LOOK Keo. If you don’t have your own spin shoes we have them for rent, free of charge, as a courtesy to our riders. Nice, huh?

  • Clothes - Wear whatever you feel comfortable working out in. Since it tends to get pretty hot and sweaty during class it is recommended that you wear moisture wicking type materials. Cycling jersey and shorts are welcome. Anything that prevents chafing or a sore butt is good in our books!




  • Arrive Early - Plan to come at least 15 minutes before the start of the class. Arrive even earlier if it’s your first time so we can give you a tour, fit you on your bike and you can practice clipping in and out of the pedals.

  • Check-In - One of our friendly Front Of House staff will be at the front desk to sign you in to confirm your attendance > On the bike seating chart, initial an open bike > Grab your size from the shoe station. If you have any questions, one of our staff members will always be present to help.

  • Lock It Up - Lockers with keyed locks are available to secure your belongings.

  • Mingle - While waiting for your class to start, connect with your fellow riders. Hey, you might even make a new workout friend!




  • Hydrate - Stay hydrated during class by taking frequent sips from your water bottle throughout class.

  • Have good form - Better results, less injury. ‘Nuff said. Note: Take the 101 Class for more info on proper bike setup and body positioning.

  • Keep the beat - Although it’s not required, it’s a whole lot more fun if you’re in Rhythm ;) If the upper body moves are too much just focus on keeping the beat with your feet.

  • Turn down for what -Expect the music in the spin room to be loud and energetic. In case there are too many decibels for your liking, earplugs are available.

  • Have fun! - Smile lots, make some noise, live in the moment.




  • Hydrate - Yes… again.

  • Stretch - Although the final minutes of class will consist of a cool-down including a short stretch, it’s a good move to continue stretching at home to help prevent stiffness and soreness from settling in.

  • Reward yourself - Feel good about your workout. Bask in your raised endorphin levels. Reward yourself… grab a coffee, hang with your workout crew, download that newly discovered song… enjoy the rest of your day!

  • Share your experience - Tell your friends and family about your workout. Share it on social media. Make sure to tag us at @rhythm.ride and #rhythmrideyyc.