Class Types


Rhythm Ride

The studio’s signature class, the Rhythm Ride will highlight choreographed spin moves synchronized to energetic music and enhanced visual effects. A short cool down and stretch will end every session.

In this 55 min class, the focus is on providing a fun, intimate experience while providing a stimulating, high intensity workout.


Rookie Ride

New to spin? Still learning the ropes? Need a refresher? This is the class for you. After a quick tour of the studio and introductions, we throughly go over the basics of bike setup, body position, and common spin moves.

The second half of of the class will have an abbreviated spin session to put it all together and work up a light sweat. Riders are welcome to take this class as many times as they like until they get comfortable on a spin bike.


Community Ride

Out of all the 4 Elements of Rhythm Ride, Community is the most important to us and we are committed to giving back to charitable organizations in our city. These rides are based on a minimum $10 donation and proceeds go towards local charities chosen by our instructors and riders.

Karma rides are also a good opportunity to catch some of our up and coming instructors and network with the other riders.


Candlelight Ride

(Coming Soon)


Power Ride

(Coming Soon)


Rhythm Restore

(Coming Later)


Rhythm Strong

(Coming Later)